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    B&B Hotels welcome both business and leisure customers with their multiple award-winning Econochic® hotel concept, offering high quality comfort and services at attractive prices. When you check-in at B&B Hotels, we want you to feel welcome. We will do our best to make you feel at home. Rooms have high standards of accommodation (separate individual bathrooms built with traditional materials, air conditioning), fittings and equipment (free WI-FI access, free satellite TV). All our hotels also have parking for hotel guests. You may ask how we are able to offer all these things and still keep the room prices attractive ? Well, it is simple. At B&B Hotels, we avoid costs on unnecessary, expensive or luxurious items - you won’t find marble floors, glass palaces or gourmet restaurants in the building - which in turn saves costs for our guests. However, we are committed to ensure that we maintain high standards for the hotel product that we provide. Besides France, the B&B Hotels Group has rolled-out this model in Germany, Italy, Poland, Morocco and in Czech Republic where B&B adapted the room and services to local customer tastes (adequate breakfast, specific colours and designs).


    • First B&B hotels opened in France (Brest and in Saint-Malo)



    • Rapid development in France, 53 hotels.



    • Launch of a European strategy.
    • First opening in Germany



    • Acquisition of Villages Hôtel, 57 hotels



    • First opening in Italy



    • First opening in Poland (Torun)



    • Second opening in Poland (Warsaw)



    • Third opening in Poland (Wroclaw)
    • First opening in Czech Republic (Prague)
    • First opening in Morocco